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all i could think of was


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Face day?!



seeking: neotag waifu

offering: my virginity, 700np

neomails open, pls don’t under offer *condescending smiley face*


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A more extensive copy of an older post.
Bold whatever applies to you.

Published in the NT
Showcased in the AG
Won a Spotlight contest
Completed NeoQuest I and II
Gotten All-Star
Trained your own BD pet

Drawn your pet
Been goldbanned
Written a story for your pet
Imagined a conversation with your pet
Dreamed about your pet
Made a screenshot page with snarky comments

Earned over 250 avatars
Earned over 300 avatars
Earned a stamp avatar
Earned Avatar Collector
Been lent SuAP
Fed 75 Kadoaties
Fed more than 75 Kadoaties

Money money money
Owned over 10 mil NP at once
Owned over 20 mil NP at once
Owned over 50 mil NP at once
Owned over 100 mil NP at once

Actual money
Bought Neocash
Redeemed over $500 NC
Owned a high-value item just before it got RRed

PC things
Adopted a UC
Adopted a UC PRDK
Traded up to a UC
Traded up to UC PRDK
Caught a RN/RW in the purge
Owned a Draik/Krawk
Owned a White Kacheek

Adopted out a pet
Gifted Neocash
Gifted expensive items
Helped a random stranger
Lent an item out
Gave advice
Wrote a guide
Made a lookup for someone

~*~so edgy~*~
Been warned
Been silenced
Been suspended
Been permasilenced
Been frozen temporarily
Been frozen permanently
Rebuilt from nothing
Been trade-reversed
Been posted about on the PC Blacklist
Lied about your age when you were under 18
Trolled people

Failed to obtain a dream pet
Made a newbie mistake
Didn’t get picked for an adoption
Been scammed
Been CGed
Cried over Neopets
Had a nightmare about Neopets
Gave/traded away a Neopet and regretted it
Adopted out to the wrong person
Took a hiatus
Tried to quit Neopets

When I was your age…
Trained a pet in Grundo’s Gym
Voted on the April Fools Day 2005 pets
Painted a pet that later became UC
Applied for a pet with the old adoption rules (AT LEAST 3 PICTURES, ONE REF!)
Chatted on the General Chat board
Used glowing font
Put a music code on a page
Designed a sparklepet
Witnessed the *headdesk* smiley
Had pets autoconverted
Used the Quick Adopt link
Took part in The Faeries Ruin
Witnessed the original Neopocalypse
Witnessed the transition to JumpStart

Made a really good friend on Neo
Contributed to a debate about Neo
Gotten into a fight with someone on the boards
Really admired someone on Neopets
Really hated someone on Neopets
Joined a guild
Created a guild

Where TNT doesn’t want you to go
Made a Neo blog
Posted on the Neo Facebook page (the horror!)
Talked to a person from Neo offsite
Got warned for telling someone where to find you offsite
Video chatted with a person from Neo
Met a person from Neo IRL

Are we done yet???
Tell a story about one of the above
I met mjaozedong on neotagtc and he plays Neo sometimes.  Sometimes.  I also live with neostruggz so I talk to her offsite all the time.  I’m a very boring perosn.

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But has anyone brought this up yet?

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For a contest on leo c:

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I’m slightly over 150 actually but this is a nicer number to use in my title so, thanks guys for getting me to this point :) 

I don’t really see myself doing giveaways very often so this one will be a NP and NC based giveaway with three prizes, winners being selected by a name generator:


  1. 500,000NP + 1000NC redemption code
  2. 250,000NP + 300NC custom (pick your item(s) from the NC mall worth 300NC or less)
  3. 50,000NP + Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie


  • You must be okay with giving me your username in order to receive your prizes
  • You don’t need to be following me, reblogs and likes are fine
  • You can like/reblog as much as you want but you only get one entry
  • tag this as giveaway so that your followers aren’t annoyed

Last thing to note! The giveaway ends on November 13th (that’s a month from me posting this), and winners will be announced sometime during that weekend… gotta give me time to fix up the name generator.

And thats it! This is my first giveaway so I hope it goes well. Best of luck to everyone

😉 you know who to pick jenny