• 9 year old me: oh the name twinkle is taken? i better put 7 underscores and the number 8 after it


Oh my god I love neopets

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Yay 50 follwers!

Okay so here is the giveaway

  • 1st place - Any NC item of your choice (4-5cap limit)
  • 2nd place - Any NC item of your choice (2-3cap limit)
  • 3rd place - Any NC item of your choice (1-2cap limit)

I use this guide and this guide for my values. I will also only use 1 gift box per prize winner (example: 1st place cannot get 5 1cap items).


  1. You don’t HAVE to follow me (but it would be awesome :D)
  3. 1 like and 1 reblog only (If you like from a different main blog, write that in the reblog)
  4. Giveaway starts April 23rd and ends May 1st
  5. Tag as “giveaway” so people can block it

If you are a winner you will need to contact me about what item you would like. You also need to allow me time to find and trade for your item (as I most likely wont have it). If I cannot find your item in a few days I will contact you to pick another.

Thanks again to all of my followers! 

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Last night I poorly drew Kathy and Japheth’s first meeting.

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i feel like i just got the neopets equivalent of getting a letter to hogwarts or my first period or something i am so excited right now

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Draw me with my pets!


Okay this is you and you are kicking 1821_60068 because you hate her and investigashun is there looking happy that it isn’t her because you always get her sick.  And then I got bored and stopped drawing your pets.


i came to get easy neopoints not to help you with your identity crisis

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i did it 

i made my own

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